Maintenance Absorbent Sock – 1000mm x 75mm

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  • Dimensions length x diameter 1000 x 75mm
  • Absorbency per sock 3.75 litres
  • Product supplied in a heavy duty poly bag
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What Are Spill Absorbents?
Spill absorbents are your go-to solution for quickly and efficiently managing spills, leaks, and puddles in the workplace. Discover how these versatile products can handle everything from oils to harsh chemicals while maintaining a clean and operational workspace. Our range of absorbents ensures a safe environment for handling potentially lethal substances.

What is this product?

  • Grey maintenance sock ideal for use as a barrier to encircle a spill or placed around the base of drums and machinery to absorb any nuisance leaks or drips
  • Suitable for absorbing most types of industrial spills including both oil and water based liquids including solvents, coolants and mild chemicals
  • Spunbond outer surface that is both fast wicking and tough
  • The absorbent core is secured into the sock at each end with a stitched seam
  • Dimensions length x diameter 1000 x 75mm
  • Absorbency per sock 3.75 litres
  • Product supplied in a heavy duty poly bag

If you require specific Oil & Fuel Absorbent Socks or Chemical Socks are also available.

Absorbent Maintenance Socks: Your Essential Spill Cleanup Solution

In any industrial or maintenance setting, spills are an unfortunate reality. Whether it’s a minor leak from machinery or a larger-scale spill from a container, spills pose a significant hazard to both personnel and the environment. That’s where absorbent maintenance socks come in as your go-to solution for effective spill control and containment.

Unparalleled Absorbency for Efficient Cleanup

Crafted from highly absorbent materials, absorbent maintenance socks possess an exceptional ability to soak up a wide range of liquids, including oils, chemicals, and even water. Their unique design allows them to quickly wick up spills, preventing the spread of hazardous substances and minimizing the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

Versatile Application for Diverse Spill Scenarios

The versatility of absorbent maintenance socks makes them an indispensable tool in any spill response kit. Their flexible nature allows them to conform to a variety of shapes and surfaces, effectively containing spills around machinery bases, drums, storage tanks, and even along drip trays and ledges.

Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Absorbent maintenance socks offer a cost-effective solution for spill cleanup, eliminating the need for costly granular absorbents that can create a messy cleanup process. Moreover, their high absorbency reduces the amount of waste generated, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Enhancing Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection

By effectively containing and absorbing spills, absorbent maintenance socks play a crucial role in promoting workplace safety. They prevent the spread of hazardous substances, reducing the risk of slips, falls, and fires. Additionally, they minimize the contamination of soil and water, protecting the environment from harmful chemicals.

Ensure Your Facility is Prepared with Absorbent Maintenance Socks

Whether you operate a bustling production facility or manage a small maintenance workshop, absorbent maintenance socks should be an integral part of your spill response protocol. Their exceptional absorbency, versatility, and cost-effectiveness make them an essential tool for maintaining a safe and environmentally responsible work environment.