Rat Blockers

Discover the ultimate solution for keeping rats out of your property’s sewage system with Buffalo Rat Blockers. Our innovative drain pipe protectors act as humane, non-return valves, preventing rats from entering while allowing them to leave. Say goodbye to costly damages caused by rat poisons and ensure a rat-free, worry-free environment.

Why Use a Drain Rat Blocker?
Rats are drawn to the dark, wet environment of sewage systems, posing a threat as they can climb up drain pipes and infiltrate your home, even reaching your toilet. Buffalo Rat Blockers act as a humane barrier, allowing rats to exit the property but preventing their return. Unlike rat poisons, our blockers avoid panic-induced pipe damage and eliminate the risk of rats dying in inaccessible areas, causing diseases and unpleasant odors.

Key Benefits:

Humane Rat Control: Buffalo Rat Blockers operate as non-return valves, providing a humane approach to dealing with rat infestations.
Cost-Effective: Avoid the expenses associated with repairing rat-induced pipe damage caused by panicked rats under the influence of poison.
Protects Against Disease: Prevent rats from dying within your property, minimizing the risk of disease and foul odors.
Additional Benefits:

Drain Pipe Protector: Buffalo Rat Blockers serve as effective drain pipe protectors, keeping unwanted pests out of your sewage system.
Flood Protection: Safeguard your property against backflow during flood events, offering dual functionality for enhanced peace of mind.
Where to Install a Rat Blocker?
Place the Buffalo Rat Blocker in the inspection chamber outside your property, connecting it to the main sewage system. Specifically designed for 110mm / 4-inch diameter pipes, installation is quick and easy. Lift the chamber lid, insert the Buffalo valve into the inlet pipe, and enjoy rat-free living.

Common Questions:

Do Rat Blockers Work?
Absolutely! Buffalo Rat Blockers are designed to effectively prevent rats from re-entering your property through drain pipes, ensuring a rat-free environment.

Are Rat Blockers Ethical?
Yes, using Rat Blockers is an ethical and humane way to control rat infestations. By allowing rats to leave but not return, it avoids the harmful consequences associated with rat poisons.

Do Rat Blockers Deter Rats?
Yes, Buffalo Rat Blockers act as a deterrent by creating a barrier that rats cannot overcome. This humane solution is effective in keeping rats away from your property.

Choose Buffalo Rat Blockers for a reliable, ethical, and cost-effective solution to protect your property from unwanted rodent intrusions. Ensure a rat-free environment and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

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