8 Chemical Socks (3000mm x 75mm) – Pack of 8

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Contain and Control with our Chemical Absorbent Spill Socks

  • Versatile Spill Control: Our chemical spill socks are ideal for creating a barrier around spills, encircling them for rapid absorption. Whether you need to contain nuisance leaks around drums or machinery or handle larger spills, these socks are up to the task.
  • Chemically Resilient: Crafted with a chemically inert design, these spill socks won’t react with aggressive fluids, making them suitable for a wide range of chemicals, including acids and alkalis. The spun-bond outer surface cover adds an extra layer of durability.
  • Easy to Deploy: Unroll and position with ease – these chemical absorbent socks are designed for quick and straightforward deployment. Perfect for emergency situations, they provide a reliable defense against hazardous and unknown liquids.
  • Dimensions and Capacity: Each sock measures 3000 x 75mm, with a substantial absorbency capacity of 9 liters. Each pack contains 8 socks, ensuring you have an ample supply for various spill scenarios.
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  • Spill Encirclement: Ideal for encircling spills or placing around the base of drums and machinery to absorb leaks or drips.
  • Large-Scale Spill Response: Perfect for larger spills, offering efficient and thorough absorption to prevent further contamination.

Safety Assurance: Designed for the containment and absorption of hazardous and unknown liquids, our chemical spill socks are a crucial part of your spill response plan. Trust in their chemically inert nature, ensuring a safe and controlled cleanup without reactions with aggressive fluids. The HSE website has guidelines on spill control.

Upgrade your spill response with our Chemical Absorbent Spill Socks – a must-have for any facility working with potentially dangerous liquids. Be prepared, be secure.

  • Yellow chemical absorbent sock ideal for use as a barrier to encircle a spill or placed around the base of drums and machinery to absorb any nuisance leaks or drips
  • Suitable for absorbing aggressive fluids including acids and alkalis
  • Spunbond outer surface is both fast-wicking and tough
  • The absorbent core is secured into the sock at each end with a stitched seam
  • Dimensions length x diameter 3000 x 75mm
  • Absorbency per sock 9 litres
  • Pack quantity 8
  • Packaging product code SK-09-302 is supplied in a box and product code SK-09-302-B in a heavy-duty poly bag

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