FloodSax Pack Of 5 X 22L Litre Capacity Sandless Sandbags

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  • Innovative Technology: FloodSax, rigorously tested and uniquely patented, utilizes gelling polymer that self-inflates, transforming from a light state to a solid barrier in just over 3 minutes.
  • Proven Protection: These bags have a track record of safeguarding homes and businesses, preventing thousands of pounds in damage. Ideal for various water-related emergencies, FloodSax acts as instant sandbags, effectively keeping floods at bay.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether it’s a minor water spill, a leaking pipe, or a major flood event, FloodSax is the perfect product to shield against water damage, offering a reliable and versatile solution.
  • Easy Storage: With the convenience of easy storage, FloodSax can be safely tucked away until an emergency arises. Be prepared and enjoy peace of mind by investing in FloodSax today.
  • Global Success: Trusted worldwide with over 2 million units sold, FloodSax is the leading environmentally friendly solution for effective flood protection.


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‘FloodSax ‘ is the Eco-Friendly convenient, modern-day equivalent of a Sandbag. Rigorously tested and with unique patent, each bag self inflates and transforms from being as light as a pillowcase to as heavy as a sandbag within minutes.

Discover the modern solution to flood defense with FloodSax. Our self-inflating bags, available in convenient boxes of 20, are the eco-friendly alternative to traditional sandbags. Easy to handle, store, and deploy, sandless sandbags transforms from a lightweight pillowcase to a heavy-duty barrier within minutes, offering rapid protection against floods, water spills, or pipe leaks.

Why Choose FloodSax?

  • Eco-Friendly: Unlike traditional sandbags, sandless sandbags are environmentally friendly, reducing the ecological impact of flood defense.
  • Space-Saving: Compact and easy to store, FloodSax ensures you’re always prepared without sacrificing valuable space.
  • Global Trust: Join the millions worldwide who trust FloodSax for reliable and efficient flood protection.

Ensure the safety of your property with sandless sandbags – the inflatable sandbag alternative that prioritizes both performance and the planet. Buy your box of 20 today and experience the difference in flood defense.

The bags contain gelling polymer, which absorbs water to become taut in just over 3 minutes. Once water is absorbed, it stays there and they act like instant sandbags to keep floods at bay. The FloodSax are proven to protect homes & businesses saving thousands of pounds of damage and the bags can be used in flood events, water spills or pipe leaks. Whether a leaking pipe or a major flood event, the FloodSax is the perfect product to use to protect against water damage.

As the bags are easy to store, they can be kept away in a safe location until an emergency, so be prepared and have peace of mind by buying a FloodSax today. With over 2 million sold worldwide, the FloodSax is the only environmentally friendly solution available, and were recommended in the Government guide “Delivering Benefits Through Evidence“.

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