Flood Cube Pack of 20

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  • Water activated flood cube barrier, provides protection against flood water in both domestic and commercial properties
  • Lightweight construction, vacuum packed for ease of storage
  • Easy to deploy when required, activate the flood cube by submerging in water using a sink, bucket, wheelie bin, watering can, hosepipe or even the flood water
  • Partial activation will occur in under 3 minutes, full activation in approximately 5 minutes. Expansion time can vary according to water temperature and flow rate. Use only fresh water to activate, not salt water
  • Carry handles aid lifting
  • Place expanded bags in position, these can be stacked up to 1.2m high for additional height when required in a wall-like construction for added strength and stability
  • After use the flood cube should be sent to a landfill site or incineration plant depending on local government guidelines
  • 5-year shelf life providing the product remains unopened
  • Bag of 20 flood cubes (5 x packs of 4)
  • Dimensions: Flat length x width x height 400 x 360 x 30mm
  • Activated fully length x width x height 400 x 360 x 150mm
  • Weight: Flat 0.33kg+5%, fully activated 20kgs+5%