Dam Easy Flood Protection Barrier for Doors – The Ultimate Flood Gate- It’s Dam Easy

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Why Buy The Dam Easy Door Flood Barrier? 

  1. Quickest to Deploy – The Dam Easy Flood Gate Barrier can be easily installed in under 5 minutes without any complex tools or labor required.
  2. Versatile Flood Protection for doors of varying sizes – The Dam Easy Flood Barrier can extend from 780mm (30″) – 1100mm (43″), if your entrance width is within this range the barrier will cover the area. For larger doors, an extension pole can be purchased.
  3. The Most Reliable – This barrier provides the first line of defense to prevent water from entering doors and windows in your home.
  4. Certified EU Testing Standard
  5. Unlimited ScalabilityCover larger areas with our extension poles which allow to connect multiple barriers. Our longest deployment is 30 units
  6.  72cm High of Flood Protection 
  7. Reusable seals – the seals can also be replaced if necessary.

Ship to anywhere in the UK 2 days.

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Dam Easy’s® is an “off-the-shelf and ready-to-use product”. You simply place the barrier in front of your door reveal and follow the two simple steps to secure the area, its that simple.

The Dam Easy Flood Barrier is a revolutionary flood protection system that uses patented replaceable seals to keep water out of your home. The unique pneumatic pump action seal inflates a tube around the outside of the barrier, creating an airtight seal that prevents water from entering. This seal is designed to be easily replaced when it becomes worn or damaged, ensuring that your flood protection remains effective for years to come

The Dam Easy® Flood Barrier comes with a Pneumatic Pump that offers the quickest way to inflate your barrier. To use – pump the lever until the pressure needle in the gauge is on green! This feature can save you valuable time in flooding situations.

The Dam Easy® Flood Barrier is equipped with a pressure gauge that allows you to easily monitor the inflation of the barrier. The gauge is built into the front of the barrier and provides a visual indication of when it has been inflated to its maximum capacity. This ensures that the barrier is securely in place and ready to prevent flooding.

The Dam Easy® Flood Barrier is designed with innovative side extensions, allowing it to cover a wide range of doors and windows from 766mm to 1120mm (30 in – 42 in). This makes the barrier an ideal solution for protecting your home or business from flooding. With no hazardous frames required to be installed, the barrier can be set up quickly and easily in under five minutes.

The Dam Easy® Flood Barrier Security Cover is an essential addition to the Dam Easy® Flood Barrier system. It provides added security, preventing tampering and removal of the barrier. The cover is made from stainless steel and measures 630 x 106 x 70mm. It is easy to install and will ensure that your dam easy flood barrier remains secure and in place. The security cover is an important part our flood protection system, as it helps to ensure that the barrier remains in place during a flood event.

With 2 carry-on handles at the top of the Dam Easy® Flood Barrier , you can transport yours with ease. No more struggling to move it from one place to another – just slip your hands into the handles and go!

The Dam Easy® Extension Pole allows the use of multiple barriers covering openings from 1660mm; to widths beyond 3000mm. The extension pole fits the Dam Easy® Flood Barrier perfectly and allows you to connect two DamEasy flood barriers securely. With the extension pole, our Flood Gates can be used to secure Garages, Patio doors, French doors, Shopfronts, Loading bays, Elevator shafts. The list is endless


What is the maximum width the barriers can cover?

Our Barriers can extend from 780mm (30″) – 1100mm (43″), if your entrance width is within this range the barrier will cover the area. if you have a larger entrance to cover you will require an extension pole to connect multiple barriers, please refer to this section for more detail.

How high is a Dam Easy Flood Barrier? 

They are  28 inches high (720 mm or 72 cm)

Can the seals be used more than once?

Yes, the seals can last quite a long time if you look after them, we have a few tips to follow to extend the lifespan.

1. Check around the area where you will place the barrier, check there are no sharp edges that may pop the seal.

2. When inflating the barrier you only require to inflate until 1 Barr on the gauge, anything more than this can increase the chances of the seal popping.

3. If you are installing the barriers due to a flood warning, please use the Patch-it product in the corners to help the seal at its weakest point, and eliminate seepage.