Mice Mesh Vermin Vent Cover Air Brick (Buffalo)

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Buffalo Pest Control Rodent Air Brick Covers for Effective Mouse and Vermin Prevention

Key Features:

  • Effective Prevention: Stop mice and rats from entering your property through air bricks and nesting in your subfloor void.
  • Floor Protection: Prevent gnawing of floorboards and damage by securing an air brick cover to your property.
  • Universal Fit: Suitable for single air bricks measuring 9” x 3”.
  • Easy Installation: Screws and Rawl Plugs INCLUDED for a hassle-free setup.
  • Durable Design: Terracotta Frame with rodent mesh for long-lasting protection.
  • Maintain Ventilation: Fit the cover to the exterior, allowing ventilation while keeping unwanted guests out.


Why Choose Buffalo Mice Mesh Air Brick Covers?

Mice can slip through gaps as thin as a pencil, making air bricks a common entry point. Our covers provide a simple and cost-effective solution, reducing reliance on snap traps and toxic poisons. Vermin & Mouse Mesh Air Brick Covers assist by preventing entry, you avoid the need for pest control, ensuring a safer and more comfortable home.


  • How many covers do I need? Cover all ground-level airbrick vents and block other potential entry points for comprehensive protection.
  • Installation: Easily screw the covers into place using the provided screws and raw plugs.
  • Sizes: Our standard cover fits single air bricks measuring 245mm by 95mm (9 ¾” by 3 ¾”).

Additional Rodent Protection: Consider our 110mm Rat Blocker to protect drain pipes, an effective solution for preventing rodents from entering through the sewage system.

Choose Buffalo Pest Control for a rodent-free home. Prevention is key, and our covers provide the first line of defense against unwanted guests. Order yours today for a safer, more secure property.


How many air brick covers do I need?

Buffalo Pest Control Rodent Air Brick Covers will only be effective if you cover all of your ground-level airbrick vents (all levels if you wish to stop wasps and bees etc) and block up any other holes you have that will allow pests to enter your home e.g. where pipes and cables enter your property. It is likely that your property has more than one air brick, therefore a full review of your property is recommended.

How do you fix Buffalo Pest Control Air Brick Cover in place?

Buffalo Air Brick Mice Mesh Covers should be screwed into place, with screws and raw plugs included.

What sizes does Buffalo Mice Mesh Air Brick Cover come in?

We offer a standard single air brick cover suitable for air bricks 245mm by 95mm (9 ¾” by 3 ¾”).

Would you recommend any additional rodent protection? 

If you have a rodent or rat problem, then another consideration is protecting your drain pipes. A 110mm Rat Blocker is also worth considering to protect rodents coming up drain pipes from the sewage system. Rat blocker also comes as a 150mm Rat Flap.

What is the government advice for rodent protection? 

The government provides a range of tips and advice around protecting your property from vermin and rodent problems. In addition, the CDC in America warn rodents can squeeze through a hole the size of a pencil.


Download Installation Instructions

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