Flood protection products are also known as Property Level Protection (or PLP). PLP encompasses a diverse range of measures designed to shield individual properties from the devastating impacts of flooding. These measures fall into two primary categories: resistance and resilience, each offering distinct approaches to mitigate the effects of flooding.

Resistance Measures: Preventing Entry
Resistance measures are focused on preventing water from entering a property. These include the installation of physical barriers such as flood doors, air brick covers, and elevation of the property above expected flood levels.

Flood Doors and Barriers: Seal off doorways and openings to prevent water ingress, providing robust protection.

Air Brick Covers: Fitted to air bricks, these prevent water entry through openings in the property’s structure.

Raised Thresholds: Elevate thresholds above expected flood levels, safeguarding doorways and entrances.

Resilience Measures: Minimizing Damage
Resilience measures aim to reduce damage in the event water breaches the property. This involves utilizing water-resistant materials, raising electrical components, and incorporating features for easy repair.

Non-Return Valves: Fitted to drains and sewers, these prevent floodwater from backing up into the property.

Anti Flood Air Bricks: Control the flow of floodwater into and out of the property, preventing pressure build-up and structural damage.

Raised Electrics and Appliances: Elevate electrical sockets and appliances above expected flood levels, minimizing damage.

Water-Resistant Materials and Fittings: Implement throughout the property to diminish the impact of flooding.

Choosing the Right PLP Measures:
The effectiveness of PLP measures depends on various factors, including property type, location, and flood risk severity. Seeking professional advice is crucial before installation to ensure the measures are appropriate and effective.

Investing in flood prevention measures is a proactive step toward safeguarding your property. Explore the comprehensive range of PLP measures available, tailored to resist or minimize the impact of flooding. Whether through resistance or resilience, these measures provide a tailored approach to fortify your property against the challenges posed by floods.

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  • Buffalo Air Brick Flood Covers

    Air Brick Flood Covers Red (Buffalo)

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  • Buffalo Pest Control Drain Rat Blocker

    Buffalo 110mm / 4 inch Rat Blocker Non Return Valve

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  • 150mm_non_return_valve

    Buffalo 150mm Non Return Valve

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  • Buffalo Anti Flood Air Brick

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  • dam-easy-extension-pole-02-min

    Dam Easy Flood Barrier Extension Pole

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  • flood barrier for door

    Dam Easy Flood Protection Barrier for Doors – The Ultimate Flood Gate- It’s Dam Easy

    £583.33 Excl. VAT
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  • noaq-flood-boxwall-corner

    Flood Boxwall BW50-IC Inward Section

    £135.00 Excl. VAT
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  • flood-boxwall-outward-corner-section

    Flood Boxwall BW50-OC Outward Section

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  • flood cube

    Flood Cube Pack of 20

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  • flood cube

    Flood Cube Pack of 40

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  • FloodSax (Box of 20)

    FloodSax (Box of 20)

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  • FloodSax (Box of 20)

    FloodSax Pack Of 5 X 22L Litre Capacity Sandless Sandbags

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